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    LUXURY Polar Fleece Dog Bed

    Orthopedic Memory Foam

    "The fleece is so soft, like slipping into a warm jumper. And when summer rolls around, I can easily swap to a cooler cover."

    🫗 Accident Safe

    All beds come fitted with Waterproof liners on the foam components - stops liquids from soaking into the foam.

    🐛 Antimicrobial Foam

    Exclusive to Polar Fleece Beds: All foam used has Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial additive added during manufacturing - preventing growth of bacteria, fungi, algae and certain "micro-animals" such as house dust mites

    🧼 Easy to keep clean

    All covers are Machine Washable - easy to remove odours and any other nasties.

    👩🏼‍⚕️ Certified Good for Dogs

    Our foam is NO-VOC & Free from harmful toxins (CertiPUR-US certified)

    ⭐ 5 Star Rated

    Here's what our customers are repeatedly telling us they love about the bed:

    ✅ Best investment

    ✅ Amazing quality

    ✅ Dogs & Humans Love it

    ✅ Best Decision

    ✅ Comfy

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    Support for Joints & Bones

    Orthopedic Memory Foam takes pressure off hard-working joints & bones, proving comfort & relief.

    The Comfiest Spot

    Your Dog will Fall in Love with the Lux Boucle Cover and Cushioned Memory Foam Headrest & Mattress.

    A Safe Space of their Own

    Its Comfy, Supportive and feels Safe & Secure - no more stealing your Bed or Lounge.


    So much more than just good looks..


    These terms are often used interchangeably in the realm of dog beds, but there is a clear distinction.

    Memory Foam is a material known for its ability to mold around an object and regain its shape upon removal.

    Orthopedic Memory Foam, a type of memory foam, is specifically engineered to offer support for bones and joints.

    Our dog beds exemplify this distinction, featuring a thick base layer of Orthopedic Memory Foam designed to fully support your dog's weight and promote joint health, complemented by thinner cushion top layers and headrest bolsters crafted from standard memory foam for added comfort.

    Our beds offer crucial relief from hard surfaces and address common aging-related issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint problems, which are especially vital for older or thinner breeds lacking natural padding.

    Additionally, our beds feature two unique elements: a headrest for maximum comfort and a comfort cushion top for ultimate coziness.

    Considering dogs spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping, a proper bed is essential for their overall well-being.

    This is only included in our new Polar Fleece Beds.

    We strive to make the best beds for dogs - beyond just looks & comfort.

    We have upgraded our foam and added Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial additive during the manufacturing process.

    This means, all foam in these new beds will not only actively prevent the growth of bacteria (i.e. antibacterial) - but it will go much further and safeguarding against fungi, algae and certain "micro-animals" such as house dust mites.

    Ultra-Fresh will be a full effectiveness for a huge 2 Years.

    All our beds feature the same components, differing only in the cover. These covers are interchangeable, offering flexibility if you wish to switch.

    However, each cover style has its own unique appeal:

    Boucle: Ideal for year-round use with its short fabric, it has a slightly coarse texture reminiscent of a luxurious lounge.

    Shag: Perfect for cute, cozy pups, though the longer fabric may be warmer in summer.

    Plush: Our original and widely popular fabric choice, offering broad appeal for those uncertain which to choose.

    Please consider Both the size of your dog, and also the space where you will have the bed.

    • Our SIZE GUIDE has all of the bed internal and external dimensions.
    • Measure your Dog from nose to base of tail and compare against the size guide table.
    • Our beds are generous sizing. If you are on the fence you may consider the smaller option.
    • XL Beds are HUGE - please make sure you check the dimensions!

    If you are still unsure - reach out help@dazydog.com we will respond quickly

    Please see Instruction Video here


    Remove and machine or hand wash. Do not tumble dry.

    Waterproof liners

    Wipe down with a household wipe or soapy water


    In the rare event you need to maintain the foam, please delicately wipe down with warm water and soap. Leave in a dry place and make sure the moisture is out before re-assembling the bed.

    Free Regular Shipping within Australia.

    Your order is dispatched from Sydney and will typically arrive within 2-6 business days after processing.

    For more information please see our Shipping Policy

    3 year manufacturing warranty on the memory foam. 1 year manufacturing warranty on the outer cover.
    The bed is not warranted against damages caused from heavy dog scratching, chewing and other rough use.

    Returns & Exchanges:
    Unopened & unused beds can be returned within 7 days of delivery.

    We cannot accept opened beds (i.e. you have cut the vacuum seal) for exchange or refund, as they are too cumbersome to handle once opened, along with the hygene issues.

    The best thing to do is to open the box carefully, then unroll the vacuum sealed bed to get a final check on the dimensions / size. At this stage you can still roll the vacuum sealed bed back up, place it in the box and return it within 7 days for a full refund.

    Please check the Returns and Refunds Policy for more information.


    The Olive - Bruce is getting sleepy now

    Bruce inspects the Golden Brown


    The Olive - Bruce is getting sleepy now

    Bruce inspects the Golden Brown



    'Recently we got a Dazy Dog bed and my goodness it has been a hit.'

    - Lisa

    "It's the best quality dog bed we have ever owned, he can't wait to snooze!"

    - Kirsten

    'The most comfortable bed yet!!'

    - Caroline

    'memory foam, boucle fabric, aesthetically pleasing'

    - Dom

    'Santa got Rudy a new dog bed and we love it 💚'

    - Rudy

    'loving my new forest boucle bed'

    - Sambar

    'He loves to lie with his head on the raised rim, or sprawled right across the middle.'

    - Bianca

    'She is a very high energy dog but once she's in her bed she is calm and relaxed.'

    - Pauline

    'Amazing quality and customer service by the team. You will have us as customers for life ☺️'

    - Julia

    'My name is Winston and I would just like to tell you that I looooooooove my new bed.'

    - Chelsea


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