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    Laundry Detergent Sheets

    Formulated for Dog Bedding

    1 Pack = 50 sheets (50 loads)

    We tested Australias best laundry detergent sheets - then made them better for Dogs.
    ✔️ Eliminates Pet Odours & Stains

    Our best-selling bed has a 2-layer memory foam mattress designed to:

    • Fully support your Dog, taking pressure of their joints & bones
    • Be their comfiest bed ever, with our cushion top memory foam.
    • This helps to prevent future musculoskeletal conditions.
    ✔️ Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Dust Mite

    All covers are Machine Washable & all foam components are enclosed in a waterproof liner.

    Routinely wash your cover to:

    • Remove Odours & Stains
    • Kill Bugs & Microorganisms
    • Soften & refresh the cover
    ✔️ Mild for sensitive skin

    This bed is built to last.

    Backed by a 1 year warranty on the cover, and 3 year no-sag guarantee on the foam, plus to get even more out of your bed we have:

    • Interchangeable & Replaceable covers
    • Spare parts available


    How many sheets per pack

    Each pack is loaded with 50 sheets.

    Is this safe for my washing machine?


    Our sheets dissolve entirely in water, leaving nothing behind.

    They are gentle on fabrics and compatible with all types of machines.

    Can I hand-wash with these?


    Just dissolve a sheet into a bucket of hot or cold water and hand-wash as you normally would.

    Should I use hot or cold water?

    Both are fine, just operate your machine as you normally would.

    Can I use these for normal laundry items?

    Yes. Its an improved formulation from a top selling Australian regular laundry sheet.

    This means, it ticks the boxes for human laundry PLUS has all of the extra items aimed at dogs (killing bacterial and mites as an example)

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