Monday 22nd January (sometime very early in the morning)

Sale will finish on 31st Jan.

Yes, however, as we carry a huge range, there aren't too many of each of the individual styles.

NOTE: All of the beds are the same, they just come fitted with different covers. So, if we are out of the one you want, just get your 2nd favourite and choose the spare cover in the style you originally wanted, it ends up the same once you change the cover over.

NOTE: This promotion ends on 31st January.

Each bed comes already assembled and fitted with a Shag, Plush or Boucle Cover.

Our Current promotion gives you ANOTHER cover for FREE, a "spare cover"

Select from any of our Cover options in the Cart, after you have added the bed to your Cart.For example. Buy a Cream Shag Bed (which comes fitted with the cream shag cover), and choose a Plush Grey FREE Spare Cover.

Then, when you want to wash your Cream Shag Cover, simply unzip and remove, then pop on your Plush Grey cover and its like a whole new bed whilst you wait for your Cream Shag to dry. Its like two beds in one.

No, sorry not for this sale.