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    Urban Dog reviews Dazy Dog Orthopedic Dog Bed

    September 24, 2021 1 min read

    Dazy Dog is thrilled to share the detailed review of our Orthopedic Dog Bed over at Urban Dog NYC

    Thanks to Sean (+ Mila the Rhodesian Ridgeback & her Owner Sergio) for putting the bed to the test.

    "Sergio says Mila loves her Dazy Dog bed! She’s been sleeping on the bed for two months now and so far it’s held up very well. Sergio says it’s durable and he really appreciates the way it looks"

    We think Mila looks very cozy in her new bed, and hope she gets plenty of use out of it.

    "Mila lives in a house with a Great Dane, which means there are a number of places to sleep throughout the house, from other dog beds to couches to the humans’ beds!

    Sergio says Mila now prefers her Dazy Dog bed, where she gets plenty of restful sleep."

    Link to the full review here

    Beyond our review - have a good look around the Urban Dog page - its a fantastic insight into Dog Life in NYC.