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    New puppy checklist - Puppy essentials

    New puppy checklist - Puppy essentials

    Jesse Jesse
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    New puppy checklist - 18 puppy essentials

    Are you thinking of getting a puppy? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This new puppy checklist will help you to prepare, making sure you have all the puppy essentials you need, ready for your new arrival.


    Our list of puppy essentials you will need for your new addition:

    • Nutritious puppy food
    • Puppy pads or old towels
    • Comfort blanket
    • A comfy bed in every room where your puppy will be with you
    • A crate (covered with familiar bedding, but keep the door open)
    • A water bowl
    • A feeding board
    • A travel water bowl
    • Toys (with no stuffing!)
    • Natural chew toys, such as a soaked antler, for teething
    • Metal car crate secured in backseat or boot
    • Dog poo bags
    • Lead or harness
    • A long line for recall work
    • Spare lead or harness for the car
    • Toys to hide and find on walks
    • A baby gate if you have stairs
    • Collar with an Air Tag holder


    When planning for a puppy, there is a lot to consider, so we’ve broken it down into a simple new puppy checklist. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know, from puppy essentials to buying the right puppy accessories.

    Preparing your home with plenty of time before you pick up your puppy will help you to make sure the transition is smooth for both you and your new friend. Remember, it’s important to create a stress-free environment for your puppy to adjust to at their own pace, so it is best to avoid rushing around at the last minute.

    This new puppy checklist reveals 11 puppy essentials you will need when planning for a puppy.

    1) Order your puppy’s food in advance

    Begin by making sure you have plenty of suitable food for your new puppy (Get our free dog nutrition guide to discover the best food for your young pup). A raw diet for puppies can be beneficial in supporting optimum growth and development and you can learn more about this in our Raw feeding guide for puppies. We can recommend LYKA  https://lyka.com.au

    It can also be a good idea to speak with the breeder to understand the food that your puppy has become used to. By knowing this, you can have some of that food as a back-up in case you need to gradually transition your puppy onto a new food, get our raw dog food switching guide.

    2) Puppy pads / old towels for toilet training

    Puppy pads or old towels can be useful for those living in flats as your puppy gets used to toilet training.

    The simplest way is to start as you mean to go on if you have a garden or outside space, taking your pup out hourly, as well as after waking and eating.

    You should then encourage your puppy to wee or poo in the place that you would like them to, using a specific word that they will become used to when you need them to perform.

    When your puppy has finished going to the toilet, give warm, gentle praise and sometimes even give a little puppy treat.

    3) Comfort blanket

    A comfort blanket is the perfect way to help your puppy adjust to their new surroundings.

    This one requires a little preparation, so leave a blanket with the breeder so the puppy can sleep on it with their littermates and mother.

    When you collect your puppy, bring it with them and put it in your puppy’s bed as the familiar scents will help them to feel comfortable as they get used to their new home.

    4) Puppy bed or covered crate

    Puppies need a space where they can feel safe without being disturbed.

    Different types of spaces will work well for different puppies, however these beds can be in many forms:

    Covered bed

    Covered crate with their familiar bedding as well as new bedding

    A bed placed under a table

    One in each room where your puppy will be with you

    5) Puppy bowls or plates

    As well as delicious and nutritious food, you will need something to serve it on.

    Ideally, their food will be on a non-slip flat feeding board and water bowls will be made from ceramic or metal.

    Your puppy will need:

    A water bowl

    A feeding board, food bowl or china plate to eat from

    A travel water bowl

    Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

    Stainless Steel Dog Bowl


    Durable, Chic, and Practical - your dog will stay hydrated or well fed throughout the day. One Size: 64oz / 1.89L… read more

    6) Safe puppy toys

    Puppies love a toy that they can gnaw on as they explore the world with their mouth, making it vital that these are non-toxic and safe for them.

    Remember, puppies are happy playing with almost everything, even a cardboard box!

    Toys with no stuffing are safest, as puppies are great at ripping toys apart and the stuffing of toys can be hazardous for puppies.

    Natural chew toys can be a great way to keep your puppy occupied while keeping their teeth clean.

    This could include dog-safe roots, or a soaked antler for teething. Try soaking an antler in water for 24 hours before giving it to your puppy to soften it slightly.

    7) Puppy essentials for the car

    You wouldn’t get in the car without a seatbelt, so make sure you consider your dog’s safety when travelling too!

    Bring everything for the journey, as well as for any stop-offs along the way.

    When travelling in a vehicle, make sure you bring:

    Metal car crate secured in the back seat or boot

    Travel water bowl and bottle

    Dog poo bags

    Spare lead and harness

    Toys to hide and find on your walks

    Dura Leash

    Dura Leash


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    8) Puppy essentials for your home

    It’s important to discourage young puppies from putting strain on their immature bones, growth plates, ligaments and muscles.

    This means they should be stopped from jumping down from great heights or putting continuous impact on their joints while they are growing.

    So what do you need for a puppy to keep them from falling or damaging their bodies?

    Baby gate for stairs. It’s a good idea to discourage young pups continually walking up and down stairs, so a baby gate can keep them away from that area easily

    Pop a stool near any furniture that your dog is able to sit on, to prevent them jumping down. This works to give them a safe stepping stone, or alternatively, you can lift them down

    Memory Foam Dog Bed - Shag

    Memory Foam Dog Bed - Shag


    Give your Dog the Best Sleep Experience with Australia's Best Value Luxury Dog Bed… read more

    9) Check your home at puppy level

    This point in the checklist for getting a puppy is incredibly important… make sure you check your home at puppy level.

    As puppies explore the home, they will often spot things that they can gnaw on or play with that you wouldn’t spot from human height.

    The easiest way to do this is to crawl about on hands and knees, or even better still, army crawl about your home.

    If you do this, feel free to send us video footage as we love a good giggle in the Bella & Duke office! 

    En route, you will probably find your long lost spare car keys and your favourite jewellery that you thought you would never see again – win win! 

    Here’s what you need to check for to puppy-proof your home:

    Use wire covers to protect any loose wires from mischievous puppy paws and teeth

    Find a safe box to store childrens’ small toys in, such as LEGO.

    Keep any valuables or prized possessions out of reach, such as glasses and TV remotes

    Leave anything that you don’t mind your puppy destroying, such as mats.

    This means that if your puppy does begin to destroy them, you can calmly call them to you and swap it for a suitable chew to turn it into a positive learning experience, rather than causing a panic.

    If you make a big deal and start chasing your puppy to retrieve an item, it will encourage attention-seeking behaviour

    10) Chews for teething puppies

    Chews are a great way to offer teething relief for puppies, as well as offering endless entertainment and enrichment. Here are some of the chews for teething puppies:

    Split antlers and other natural chews and treats

    Large knuckle bone. The puppy will chew the meat and cartilage off before chewing the bone. Remove when this is done.

    11) Puppy leads, harnesses & tags

    These puppy essentials are needed to keep your new friend safe in the great outdoors, making sure they are comfortable and safe on walks. 

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    Collar with an Airtag. Just pop on your AirTag holder and never worry again. 

    A lovely, soft mesh harness. Put the harness on for short periods of time when your puppy is calm, as they adjust to wearing it, playing ‘follow me’ at home off the lead for a short and fun game

    A short lead

    A long line for recall work, when out in the big wide world.

    There is no need to take your puppy out too soon. The time spent at home getting used to the routine in the home, their surroundings and the people they will see regularly is important in helping puppies to feel safe and happy

    You can get a multi-length lead from Dazy Dog which is an all-in-one option

    Dura Collar

    Dura Collar


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    Dura Leash

    Dura Leash


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    Air Tag Holder

    Air Tag Holder


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